WitchBox subscribers receive a box of seasonal items every 6 weeks with everything a witch needs to observe each Sabbat in the Pagan Wheel of the Year. Each box reflects a reverence for tradition and folklore that harken back to a simpler time, when people shared a close bond with the land they worked and the rhythm of the seasons. It contains exclusive treasures like rituals/spells, candles, altar pieces, grimoires, amulets, besoms, incense, wreaths, and crystals. Every WitchBox is based on hours of research on Celtic history and lore, as well as the writings of academic minds like Margot Adler, Professor Ronald Hutton, Alexei Kondratiev, and Pliny the Elder. Packing lists are not posted beforehand because so much of the magick and inspiration we bring to your craft rests in the gift of surprise.

Every WitchBox is 100% vegetarian, and a different small scale artisan is featured in each box—usually an Etsy seller, Pagan, or fellow witch (or all three). By supporting WitchBox, you support several small businesses. 💜🔮💜

Want to know more about the witch behind the Box? Here's an interview with her.