What is WitchBox?

WitchBox subscribers receive a box every six weeks for the sabbats on the Wheel of the year. Here's more about what the boxes contain.

Each box reflects a reverence for tradition and folklore that harken back to a simpler time, when people shared a close bond with the land they worked and the rhythm of the seasons. Every WitchBox is based on hours of research on European history, lore, and traditions, ancient texts, as well as the writings of academic minds like Margot Adler, Professor Ronald Hutton, and Pliny the Elder. Subscribers will often receive centuries-old charms, rituals, and chants from texts like the Lacnunga Codex, the Carmina Gadelica, or Anglo Saxon compendia of Leechdom, Wortcunning, and Starcraft. 

What does it cost?

The Minor Arcana box is $40 plus shipping, and the Major Arcana box is $85 plus shipping.

When do boxes ship?

Boxes ship 10-12 days before the respective Sabbat, and when your box ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking information. If you don't receive your box, email me, and I will make sure you are taken care of!

When does the first payment go through?

Payment is processed the day you subscribe.

How often and when does payment recur?

Payment will recur every six weeks, beginning the day you subscribed. If you subscribed more than 6 weeks out from the next box, your plan's payment dates will be shifted forward so you don't pay twice before receiving your first box. You can cancel any time.

What if a payment doesn't go through?

That's ok. We will never charge you failed payment/late fees, and there will be several subsequent attempts to process payment. Here's what will happen if a payment doesn't go through:

  • On the first failed attempt, the card will be retried 3 days later.
  • On the 2nd failed attempt, the card will be tried 5 days later.
  • On the 3rd failed attempt, the card will be retried 7 days later.
  • On the 4th failed attempt, the subscription will be canceled (but you can always reactivate it later).

Note: Boxes are not sent out until payment is received, after which your box will be shipped out ASAP.

How do I manage my subscription (including canceling my subscription, updating card information, or changing my address)?

You can mange your subscription securely through the WitchBox Payer Portal on MoonClerk.

What is the refund policy?

Payments for any given box are non-refundable within two weeks of its ship date, but you can cancel your subscription at any time in MoonClerk. If your box and/or items arrive damaged, contact me with photos of the carnage, and I'll make sure you get what you paid for! If your package gets stolen, I do not issue refunds, but would be happy to make sure your boxes require a signature for delivery going forward. If there's a problem with packages getting stolen in your area, let me know ahead of time!

Do you ship outside the US?

I only ship to the US and Canada. This is because I tend to forage in the woods of Massachusetts and wildcraft literally half of the materials in each box, and European customs would not be too happy about that. :)

Is packaging discreet?

Yes! Always. Everything ships in a plain box, and the sender name will be "Jessica White."