Litha Sabbat Box (Reserved for Emma)

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Litha Sabbat Box (Reserved for Emma)


One time purchase of the Litha Sabbat box. Contains:


Litha Packing List


WitchBox subscribers receive a box of magickal items every 6 weeks for each Sabbat. It contains exclusive seasonal treasures like rituals, spells, wreaths, jewelry, sachets, candles, bath bombs, wildflowers, runes, and crystals. Rituals and spells are based on hours of research on ancient Gaelic history and lore, as well as the writings of brilliant authors like Margot Adler and Pliny the Elder.


Shipping Next on June 5th for Midsummer/Litha: a box of early summer spellcraft for celebrating the year's most abundant light and life. 



  • Sun catcher with crystals and prisms to bend light and create rainbows in your space.
  • A small jar of Litha incense and self-igniting charcoal for your summertime cauldron.
  • Litha spells and rituals that draw from the strength and purity of the sunlight on the longest day of the year. Includes a summer solstice high noon ritual and powerful curse-breaking spell.
  • Gold ritual candle.
  • Faux summer flowers for your altar.
  • Glow-in-the-dark moon necklace to store the sunshine and carry it with you into the darkness.
  • Candied Lavender to ground yourself after your solar rituals.
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